Another Tesla ‘on autopilot’ crashes on German Autobahn

Another Tesla ‘on autopilot’ crashes on German Autobahn

Tesla charging stations for electric cars are pictured in Wittenburg, northeastern GermanyTesla charging stations for electric cars are pictured in Wittenburg, northeastern Germany (AFP Photo/Jens Büttner)

Berlin (AFP) – A Tesla electric car crashed into a tourist bus on a motorway in northern Germany, police said Thursday, with the driver claiming he had activated the car’s autopilot system.

The driver of the Tesla car was slightly injured, while the 29 people on board the Danish bus were unhurt in the incident on Wednesday, police in Ratzeburg in Schleswig-Holstein state said.

The 50-year-old driver’s car hit the bus as it changed lanes outside the northern town of Gudow.

“We will now have to look into why the autopilot didn’t work” to prevent the crash, police said in a statement.

Available for Tesla’s Model S electric cars since October 2015, the driverless autopilot system has come under global scrutiny following fatal crashes in northern China in January and in the US state of Florida in May.

The Florida case attracted the attention of a US Senate Committee, which demanded a briefing on the autopilot’s role in the accident.

Consumer activists have called on the company, founded by PayPal billionaire Elon Musk, to disable the autopilot feature until it is updated to detect whether the driver’s hands are on the steering wheel during operation, as the company says they ought to be.

The driver in Wednesday’s crash told police that he had not removed his hands from the wheel while the autopilot was activated, German press agency DPA.

Urgent Public Notice About Tesla Motors

What the world thinks about Tesla Owners: For the, relatively, small number of cars produced, Tesla has had the largest number of crashes by drunk drivers, sexual harassment charges against those owners, and tax evasion investigations against those owners. Tesla owners have, by far, been involved in the most divorce filings, by volume, in which “abuse of spouse” is the key issue than any other car company. This means that in addition to the “douchebag” perception that driving a Tesla carries with it, scientific and demographic evidence now proves that Tesla owners have a lower moral character. Be certain that you want the world to see you inside of a Tesla. This chart shows the sociological facts behind the poor ethics that driving a Tesla reflects on it’s owners:

How “Green” is a Tesla?: Tesla investors own lithium mines in Afghanistan, Boliva and other countries that they acquired by promoting wars in those regions so they could profiteer on Tesla’s lithium ion batteries. Lithium does not come from America. If you think that oil is bad because it promotes war, you should see how many people have been killed in order to profiteer on corrupt lithium mining wars. Tesla isn’t “Green”. Tesla uses toxic, self-igniting, explosive, cancer-causing, fetus-mutating lithium batteries that contain a massive soup of deadly chemicals inside them. The chemistry gets more explosive over time and poisons the Earth when the batteries are used up. 40% of the workers who make the batteries die from getting poisoned by making the batteries. Panasonic, who promotes the batteries, has had over 40 international corruption, bribery and dumping charges filed against them over these batteries. Lithium batteries just blow up whenever they want to.

You are promoting organized Crime by owning a Tesla: Elon Musk took Tesla away from its founders in a hostile takeover. He and his Silicon Valley Cartel did this to exploit their corrupt lithium mining scam. His Cartel placed their own people in the Department of Energy in order to get them to give Tesla exclusive taxpayer cash because, as Elon Musk said on 60 Minutes, he was just about to go bankrupt because nobody wanted to buy the cars. Tesla has used bribes, illegal campaign financing, illegal stock and asset exchanges with Senators and stock market manipulation enhanced by Tesla co-owner, the privacy abusing company: Google.


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