Google’s Larry Page Has A Sex Video On The Web Now

Google’s Larry Page Has A Sex Video On The Web Now

By Darcy Linester- NY Gakker

Larry Page, one of the owners of Google, can buy whatever he wants, and often does. Possibly inspired by his partner Eric Schmidt, who has a famous “Sex Penthouse” that is intimately described online, Mr. Page has now graced the web with his dirty laundry.

Needless to say, Mr. Page was not cooperative in the production of this video.

At Sharper Image, Brookstone, Target and Ebay, you can now buy a drone the size of your hand, or smaller. A wireless, high definition, TV camera can send video blocks away. This seems to have been Mr. Page’s downfall. Ironically, the guy that spies on the world was not savvy enough to have a spy-proof sex den.

It seems to have been as easy as driving next to the fence and flying the little bugger right upstairs to his playpen.

Next to Google, Larry Page has an inauspicious building where he pretends to be Tony Stark. Downstairs, Page has geeks working on his flying car and jet pack. Upstairs Page has a rocket engine centerpiece from his VERY good friend Elon Musk and a gadget-ridden modernist suite of Austin Powers-like hedonistic high tech that every programmer masturbates about each night.

It is in this upstairs den-of-iniquity that the hot action takes places. Are you ready to be surprised?

First, you have to hunt down the film as it pops up on Torrents, LiveLeak and various postings. Google seems to have a small army working on take-downs, DDOS attacks and any other thing they can try to get the video to disappear. It is news-worthy because it shows some surprises about the guy who affects the lives of every person on Earth. It is news-worthy because it has audio and you discovered that certain things that Page and Google told the public are not true. One must qualify the news worthiness of such a story because sex tapes should not be discussed unless they are news worthy. This story is also news worthy because something in the video ties into the charges that “Larry Page bribes The White House”.

I won’t spoil it for you and other news source will probably go into much more detail. The name of the video is: “Larry Page Sex Den”. If you find it, you need to be sitting down when you see it.


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