The DNC has Google attack websites, especially news aggregation sites, with bot attacks in plain sight.

The DNC has Google attack websites, especially news aggregation sites, with bot attacks in plain sight.

By Deacon Foster

Google runs Denial of Service Attacks (DDOS) against Google’s political enemies by “crawling their sites” with “flood bots”. When confronted about the attacks, particularly by Conservatives, Google twirls it’s toe in the dirt, whistles and stares up at the sky and says: “..oh, but no, you misunderstand, you must love us for this because it means your site is so interesting to us that we feel compelled to keep crawling it…”


This problem (or as Google calls it: lucky occurrence) only seems to happen to those with political agendas that do not align with those of Eric Schmidt and Larry Page. Strangely ironic, huh?

Say webmasters:
“The crawler is basically bringing my site down, unless I make it crawl slower but I have to do that every so many times…Google then begins the “crawl”/attack all over again”

“…Google is crawling my site which is good, but it hits the site so heavy that MySQL is eating up all the resources on the server … Occasionally, Googlebot will stampede us, resulting in Apache maxing out its memory, and causing the server to crash”

Google then responds: “If you join Google and let us assimilate you, track you, log you, spy on you and know you deeply in our webmasters program, you can change dials to “control the crawl”..”

After numerous technical online tests, that has been proven to be a lie if you run a Conservative news site.

Google is an insidious mood, perception and voter control tool. Google will hide, delete, reduce exposure and “Flood Crawl” your sites if you speak out against Hillary Clinton or run afoul of the Silicon Valley “way of thinking.” Your ISP will kill your site on a shared server because Google is running your CPU’s into the ground, on purpose if you offended Google.


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