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Fortune Magazine Explains Why The Obama Department of Energy Will Do Anything To Sabotage Hydrogen Energy



By Milo DeMouth


“A little context is useful to understand the blood feud between EVs and hydrogen. For one, it didn’t start with Elon Musk. (He only financed and doubled down on it) Indeed, it first emerged in 2001. After coming to office, George W. Bush axed a Clinton administration effort to help automakers develop super-efficient cars called the Partnership for a New Generation of Vehicles, or PNGV and replaced it with something called Freedom Car. The most notable element of Freedom Car was a shift away from batteries toward hydrogen fuel cells. Bush also used federal authorities to block California’s efforts to promote battery electric vehicles.


But when Obama took office, battery-powered cars again became a priority for Washington. And with that, the die was cast: hydrogen crystalized as the Republican’s fuel of the future, and lithium ion the Democrat’s.


Hydrogen and lithium ion both deliver exactly the same thing: Electrical power. There is exactly nothing different that squirts out the back end of the gadget. It is 100% DC electrical energy in both cases.


The only difference is who owns the stock market certificates!


All of the Silicon Valley billionaires, along with Elon Musk, own the lithium ion industry. Google’s cars are lithium ion, Apple’s car projects are lithium ion. The Obama White House staff and Obama Department of Energy Officials own stock in lithium ion mining. Obama financier: Goldman Sachs own’s lithium mining companies. Obama’s War: The Afghan War, is rumored to be about the trillions of dollars of lithium in Afghanistan. Steven Chu, the notorious head of the Energy Department, works for and owns lithium interests. The steal taxpayer cash from exclusive secretly pre-arranged payola “grants” and “loans” from the Energy Department, NASA and the Department of Transportation


Lithium ion blows up in hoverboards, cell phones, airplanes, Tesla’s, Fiskers, jets.. pretty much everything. The Democrats like to cover that up.


The chemicals in lithium ion batteries cause cancer, brain damage, liver damage, neurologival damage and mutate fetuses. If your baby gets born with a third eye, thank Tesla Motors. This is not theory. U.S. Government documents, from before the DNC ordered them hidden, say this is a fact. Panasonic, who makes many of the lithium ion batteries says that all of these dangers are true. Every fire department in the world says that these dangers are true in their traing manuals. The FAA and The U.S. Post Office asks you to keep lithium ion batteries away from them. The entire United Nations body issued a new law called “Directive UN 38.3”. It, specifically, states that lithium ion batteries are an extreme danger. Each factory worker that helps build lithium ion batteries gets poisoned. Tens of thousands of factory workers have died from the lithium ion factory poisonings in Asia. Entire villages have been poisoned from nearby battery factories. The Democrats like to cover all of those things up!


There are a vast number of reasons why lithium ion batteries are deadly, toxic non-green things and a vast number of reasons why hydrogen energy from water and domestic organic waste is a good thing.


You will never about those facts because the Democrats spend over 12 billion dollars a year using Google, Facebook and automatic blogging engines to search for every occurrence of the word “hydrogen” in order to flood anti-H2 troll comments into every blog that mentions it. The DNC uses Palantir, Google, and other software to look for the phrase and delete it, mask it, obfuscate it and nay-say it the second it appears on the web.


It is entirely about greed and corruption!


Because the Democrats own the dead-end lithium ion mining industry, Remember the name Frank Giustra?) and it blew up in their faces, literally, they are sabotaging all competing options. They are sabotaging other options in order to line their pockets and they are doing it without concern for voter’s energy futures.


Steven Chu and Ernest Moniz were hired by the Obama Administration to do only one thing at the Department of Energy: “Protect The DNC’s Corrupt Lithium Ion mining deals – PERIOD!


They have done a great job running the DNC Cartel. They have shut down every single hydrogen and fuel cell commercialization effort that has come across their desk. For show, they have given a few cents to out-of-the-way “demonstration projects” buried in the back-ass field of some desert military sites. No hydrogen fuel cell commercialization projects that were competitors of theirs have been allowed through.


XP Vehicles notoriously sued the Department of Energy over such corruption..and they started out as Democrats! After XP, and all of the other sabotaged Hydrogen energy users figured out the scam that the campaign billionaires were running, they most likely became “independents” after their own Senator turned out to be their business competitor and a weasel. XP staff, and other companies, invested over a decade of their lives, and all of their savings based on assurances from State and Federal officials who invited them into the Department of Energy program. Many of those officials knew that they were lying to, and defrauding the non-crony participants from Day One!


As Anton Svegney writes, in describing why Washington DC corruption has never been so insidious:


…A Silicon Valley frat house-style boys club business, known as a “venture capital” company, got sued for being a Silicon Valley frat house-style boys club business. A woman named Ellen Pao sued this company, called Kleiner Perkins, because they had become such a bunch of white-boy yuppie douche-bags that it was intolerable.


The head of Kleiner Perkins is a guy named John Doerr. He has a bit of an attitude. When Ellen Pao, a competitor, or anyone, actually, makes him un-happy, he orders a hit-job to be put on them.


In the case of XP Vehicles, Kleiner Perkins placed one of their people (A guy named Bruce) inside of XP Vehicles financial department in order to have him send intelligence back to Kleiner and to try to jack up and slow down XP enough to keep XP from competing with Kleiner’s buddy: Elon Musk.


John Doerr, Elon Musk of Tesla, Larry Page and Eric Schmidt of Kleiner financed Google, Steve Westly and a few other Stanford elitists formed a little Cartel of very white, very arrogant, self-centered collusionists. They got sued in a class-action lawsuit for colluding, got caught colluding in the Angelgate Scandal, got reported to the FBI, the FTC and the SEC for colluding and yet, the Kleiner Cartel still colludes without fear of arrest. It must be nice owning your own White House.


The design and engineering of XP’s car did not use the lithium mines that the Kleiner Cartel owned. The Cartel did not like that.


The XP car had many, many times the range of the Tesla. The Cartel did not like that either.


The XP car cost 80% less than the Tesla to build and repair. The Cartel did not like that either.


The XP car obsoleted the Tesla in a huge number of ways. The Cartel did not like that!


The XP car was designed to be vastly safer than the Tesla. In fact Tesla has now had a huge number of bizarre deaths which the XP car would have prevented. The Cartel does not like that!


In Tesla’s documents, uncovered recently, Tesla has been shown to have been wrong on every single market and production calculation and XP was right on the nose on every single projection they gave the U. S. Government. This is a highly awkward reality for the little Cartel.


The Kleiner Cartel had financed the Obama, Reid and Feinstein political campaigns and had rigged the search engines that they controlled in order to steer votes. In exchange; John Doerr and the boys were handed exclusive crony payola contracts, real estate deals, revolving doors, tax evasion ports, mining deals, trade advantages by The Fed, Stock market skim ops, free jet fuel, portions of NASA and other give-aways for their largess.


As XP was passing every test in the Department of Energy ATVM funding program, it looked like XP was about to get it’s factory funding. XP, Bright Automotive, Eco-Motors, Aptera and a few independent American car companies were getting approved.




John Doerr and the Kleiner Cartel could not allow anyone to compete with their precious: Tesla. Elon Musk and his boyfriend (But probably not in a sex way, but who knows) Larry Page of Google were livid about anybody else stealing the glory from the phallus shaped Tesla.


The Cartel had placed Steven Chu, Matt Rogers, Steve Spinner, Jonathan Silver and other of the Cartel’s personal friends and business associates in charge of the U.S. Department of Energy. Their orders were simple: “Only give the money to me and the people on my donors list”. These were the orders from John Doerr.


The Cartel ordered XP de-funded and the cash sent to them. The Cartel had their Gawker Media and Google companies run huge numbers of media assassinations, now proven by leaks and court records. The Cartel put out black-listing orders and hacked computers. All in a days work for your friendly neighborhood Cartel.


Doerr called Steven Chu on the phone and said: “…XP, Bright and the rest are not getting funded, right? You know the deal. We had this worked out before the program was even announced..”


The week XP, Bright, Aptera and the “outsiders” were told they were finally getting funded, after working for two years based on federal assurances, they suddenly were told all of the funding was off and the money was going to Doerr’s Cartel. XP, Bright, Brammo, Aptera, Coda, Eco-Motors, etc. had all been defrauded, lied to and hood-winked by their own government. They had been forced to expend years of their time and millions of their own dollars based on a funding program that had been a covertly hard-wired scam to pay off John Doerr and his illicit campaign financiers.


Isn’t corruption wonderful?


XP now files monthly reports to law enforcement agencies including the FBI, GAO, OSC, FTC, SEC, etc., but they are still out vast amounts of money. That money is now sitting in Kleiner Perkin’s Cartel’s bank accounts. Their crime report, with filed case number, has never had any action taken on it by the SFPD. Federal agency bosses have been forced to quit but XP has still not received any restitution…yet!


It is these kinds of epic states of injustice that kind of make the voters want to get themselves a whole new Administration.”


Bright Automotive publicly issued a corporate letter which also blasted the Department of Energy for fraud and corruption. The U.S. Senate issued an extensive report stating that the Government was running a slush-fund with the Department of Energy. Still, the corruption continues.


Now, with all of the leaks, things like the Panama Papers prove that Google, Tesla, Kleiner Perkins and the rest of the DNC “kick-back kids” rigged the energy industry in their favor. They pocketed over a trillion dollars of crony corruption dollars from their rigging effort.



p class=”western” style=”line-height:120%;orphans:2;widows:2;” align=”left”>This leaves American citizens with a monopolized set of options in a world where geopolitics have made foreign mined lithium ion the biggest security risk to the USA. The lithium ion incursions in the Middle East are partially responsible for creating ISIS! Thanks for that DNC!



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