In the last 48 hours, leaked documents have been published on the internet which reveal the Pay To Play corrupt quid-pro-quo schemes that a criminally illicit group of billionaires set-up in 2008 and 2009. The crimes are still happening but now, so is the blow-back.

The ad says:

“Billionaire Bounty”: Get $1M Cash For Tips”

“The alliance of Plaintiffs will pay one million dollars cash for hard evidence from leaks, tips or other legal outlets leading to the arrest and conviction in criminal and civil court of the SUSPECTS per Plaintiffs current lawsuits.
After consulting with law enforcement agencies and public interest law firms, we are delighted to discover that putting a bounty on the head of corrupt campaign billionaires is entirely legal.

Be your own version of “Dog, The Bounty Hunter”. Bring the Plaintiffs a dirty Silicon Valley Oligarch and they will bring you one million dollars in cold hard cash from their jury award against that person! Contact the Routing Office with your tip but do not send your tip until notified.”

Silicon Valley’s John Doerr, Larry Page, Elon Musk, Eric Schmidt, Steve Spinner, Steve Westly and the White House’s own indicted Steve Rattner have now been documented in public leaks bribing political officials and ordering “hit-jobs” on Bernie Sanders, Cheryl Attkisson, Monica Lewinsky and a host of their competitors.

Now “heads must roll” and a one million dollar cash prize has been announced for each one that is arrested and dragged before a winning jury trial.

Known as “Pay For Play” in the Guccifer Leaks, The “Special Accounts” in the HSBC Swiss Leaks and “The favors” in the Panama Papers the overt bribery of these men is now entering full view in the public media.

An alliance of victims has announced the offer at their websites at, and in thousands of advertisements around the globe.

A personal “open letter” to one of them, a Mr. John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins, lays it out:

“Dear John”, it begins, “…our private investigators along with former FBI agents we retained and current U.S. Senate investigators that contacted us, inform us that you and your frat house boys organized and paid for the hit job on us. You have also paid off law enforcement bosses to seek to stall investigations. You did stall those investigations but the brakes on your corruption train have now worn out and you are now on your way down hill on the Corruption Express. I think it is non-stop…straight to hell.”

John Doerr, Eric Schmidt, Elon Musk, Larry Page bribed Washington and Sacramento politicians to give them all of the “green energy Cleantech cash” while also bribing those same politicians to sabotage their competitors. They have tried to halt law enforcement and civil jury hearings but their time has run out.

The victims of their incredible corruption and bribery are demanding their day in court.



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