Podesta Leaks Appear To Show That White House Had Scalia Murdered

John Podesta & Steve Elmedorf discuss “wet works” (code word for assassination) less than 4 days before Justice Scalia found dead (

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This shit is getting really fucking crazy. Of course, there’s no way to know exactly what they were referring to, but throwing around code words for assassination so close to Scalia’s death, for which no proper autopsy was ever performed, lends credence to the suspicions many had.

The optics on this one are EXTREMELY bad. Many had already assumed he was assassinated. This will confirm that belief in many peoples’ minds. This most likely explains the new round of Trump accusations, and expect the MSM will not touch this leak. This is the kind of thing that could bring down an entire government.

Spread it around. Email it to friends and family. Explain to them the context (what wet works refers to, the timing). Get people talking about this!

Update: Manafort just weighed in on the_don. Copypasta:

Sounds like it will be a bad nite , we all need to buckle up and double down

Seems most likely that they are discussing the New Hampshire Primary on Feb 9th which Sanders won.

Didn’t think wet works meant pool parties at the Vineyard.

Seems like a reference to Sanders attending a donor event at Martha’s Vineyard (Feb 9th): Senators are flown on a private plane chartered by the DSCC to the retreats, which are held at five-star resorts like the Ritz-Carlton. Sanders was often spotted at the pool, walking on the beach, and at the buffet line. He went on a boat ride off Martha’s Vineyard organized by the committee.




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Another short email chain from earlier in the month. It’s not much to go off of, but some of the /pol/ people have come up with a theory that makes for interesting reading anyway. I want to point out that this is entirely conjecture and should not be taken as anything more than speculation:

so here’s how you reading comprehension this, for the autists in the room:

with the feb 2nd email, steve is referencing some earlier business they had that is so important that they both know about it. Steve is representing the interests of Podesta’s team in doing some kind of deal. We had no idea what the deal is. The “raising money” and “heading to NH” parts are not relevant to the business in question, but “talking the bedwetters off the ledge” is.

Bedwetters means scared people. Off the ledge means making them less scared. This means that, in relation to the plan where they “won” there are some people involved who are very scared and worried and it’s part of Steve’s job to calm them down. So we’ve already established that Steve is trying to calm some people down to do with the plan that they “won”

We know the plan originated with Podesta because Steve says “congrats” in the subject of the email.

Steve was lobbying to get some deal made on behalf of Podesta. We’re conjecturing that the deal was the deal about agreeing to murder Scalia.

So by this theory, Steve has gone around to important people and got them on board with the murder plan. He emails Podesta to tell him that Steve has successfully persuaded the counterparty, but that now as fallout he needs to calm down the people who are very worried about the murder plot (the bedwetters who are ‘on the ledge’)

Later, again referencing some common event they shared, Podesta sends a “Subject: Thanks” message to Steve. Podesta is thanking Steve for something that Steve has done in the interim that both of them have obvious knowledge of. By our theory, Podesta is thanking Steve for addressing the lingering concerns of some of the involved parties, who have made a fuss about the plan. Both Podesta and Steve knew about these fussers independently of the email–maybe there was as big meeting and Podesta witnessed Steve successfully lobbying for the murder plot.

Steve convinced the bedwetters, and now Podesta is saying “Thanks” and then throwing in a final comment:

Didn’t think wet works meant pool parties at the Vineyard.

So Podesta is exasperated at the ‘bedwetters’ and rolling his eyes so as to say ‘what did these pussies think? did they think MURDER is like a pool party at the vineyard’? Why did they get involved if they are too squeamish?

Then Steve replies back to this comment with:

I am all in Sounds like it will be a bad nite , we all need to buckle up and double down

He’s restating his faith in the plan with the all in comment, and pointing out how now that he has lobbied so hard for this murder, he can’t get out of it now. Maybe that he was so far “all in” is what motivated him so hard to convince the bedwetters to go through with it?

Then he says, ‘sounds like it will be a bad nite’ which plays on Podesta’s comment about how murder is not a pool party at the vineyard. Steve is saying that if Scalia’s night definitely won’t turn out like a pool party at the vineyard. Then he’s saying we need to buckle up which means prepare for the event, and double down which means DONT GET COLD FEET like the bedwetters. Don’t be squeamish–gather your nerve and do your part in the plan. Go through with it–afterall if they don’t go through with it, Steve is probably in trouble since at this point he is “all in”



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Next we have this brief email sent from Podesta to Rahm Emanuel on Feb 18th.

How does Emanuel fit into this? Well, here’s an excerpt of an article talking about him:

On November 4, 1992 — the night after Clinton had been elected President — Emanuel and other campaign aids convened for a celebratory dinner. At one point in the evening, the discussion turned to the topic of certain individuals who, in the estimation of Emanuel and his cohorts, had somehow betrayed the Clinton cause. One such person was Nathan Landow, a fundraiser who had backed the candidacy of Clinton’s Democrat rival Paul Tsongas. Another was William Donald Schaefer, the Democrat governor of Maryland who had endorsed Republican incumbent George H.W. Bush. In a fit of anger, Emanuel, wielding a steak knife, stood up amidst his dinner companions and proceeded to stab the table repeatedly, screaming: “Nat Landow! Dead!… Bill Schaefer! Dead!…”

On another occasion, the tempestuous Emanuel mailed a 30-inch decomposing fish to a pollster who had annoyed him.

this is pretty scary stuff…

Then, less than a month after the Scalia incident, Elmendorf seems to be the first to suggest Clinton can delete emails and how to make it seem like a normal policy.



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I always assumed he was murdered, because he always stuck to the constitution.. This evil shit in our establishment has got to go, real fast..



[–] stonkingreat [S] 2 points (+3|-1) 3 hours ago 

Well, to be fair he was an old fat fuck. And it seems likely they were just talking about the New Hampshire primary. Maybe it was just extremely bad luck / timing to be using a term like “wet works”? I mean that and the timing is the only thing that looks suspicious. Certainly not enough evidence to do anything.



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I guess you missed the part where Scalia was found dead with a pillow over his head.



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What? You mean you find something suspicious about someone being found deaf with a pillow pressed down on their face?! /s



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We need to take every politician that’s taken a cent of corporation money and we need to execute every last one. Start over, basically.



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You know it’s funny, because I and a lot of people I associate with have the technical skills to delete these people’s bloodlines.



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damn, you’re good! thx for taking the time to explain and analyze.

I think Clinton’s embarrassing run for office (causing further exposure of Usa corruption) has tipped the scales. . .

just look at the recent trend of governments blatantly dissing Obama (China, Russia, Philippines, Cuba etc) . . . .



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I 100% believe that Scalia was murdered.


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