PUBLIC NOTICE: Report from the International News Alliance Wiki Network

PUBLIC NOTICE: Report from the International News Alliance Wiki Network

Annual Public Disclosure:

If you are reading this notice, you are part of the International News Alliance Wiki Network.

All readers of these node publications are both readers and authors and also instant members of this network.

There are over a million nodes, or “digital newspapers” like this around the globe. Many new nodes are added daily. All nodes share content and news feeds.

Most of these newspapers are not owned  by, or controlled by, anyone.  They are owned or controlled by all of the users of the Internet.

They all use free software and free hosting provided by the Open Source Community, Linux Groups, WordPress, Weebly, WIX, Drupal and other public resources. Many companies donate extra space on their servers to the network.

Anybody can start their own node/newspaper and the Internet encourages you to do so.

Each original author or editor is responsible for their work.

Anyone can be a citizen journalist and author either publicly or anonymously. The network has no way to track authors.

Some users use the network to report felony crimes to multiple agencies (IE: Interpol, MI5, GCHQ, FBI, GAO, FTC, EU, etc.), when the crimes are complex and multiple agencies and news bureaus require reports. This saves time on paperwork and disclosure issues.

In light of the use of this network for criminal investigation matters. DDOS, “Ion Cannon”, DNS-Re-Routing, DMCA Fraud, Massed Bot Crawling and other such take-down attacks on these sites could cause the attacker to receive counter-measures by CIA, FBI and MI5-class law enforcement because you may be interfering with a criminal investigation. One attacks an International News Alliance Wiki Network news node at their own risk.

Members are committed to journalism, transparency and the termination of corruption and illegal activities via any creative means WITHOUT BREAKING ANY LAWS.

Node volunteers are responsive to all legal take-down requests and brutally effective at counter-measures against all illegal activities.

RSS Feeds come from millions of sources and the end-point originator is the final authority.

Canary notices are provided by the original publishing authors.

This site is not a “blog”, “a website” or a single publication. It is a peer-to-peer WIKI newspaper node.
Nobody controls it and it is non-commercial by participant agreement.

Public Commons Standard Notices:

This WIKI News & Public Information Site is compliant with, and protected by,:

EU Privacy Rules, SLAPP/ANTI-SLAPP, Creative Commons, Fair Use Doctrine, U.N. Press Freedom Statutes, U.S. First Amendment, Freedom-of-the-Press, International Free Speech Standards, ACLU precedents, EFF precedents, Privacy Rights Rules of Spain, National Journalism Standards and Related Standards.

This policy is free-to-use for any public citizen journalism, news aggregation, WIKI, collaborative information space or social network site. This WIKI is not responsible for reader comments, opinions, edits, AP-REUTERS or other news feed content. Each blogger, author or WIKI entity is responsible for their own content or editing of content per core post segment. Notes within articles must include the (Ed. Note: xxx ) standard reference.

If you don’t like the news, go out and make some of your own. If you don’t like the newspaper, go out and make one of your own. The Internet will help you do it and the International News Alliance Wiki Network will fully embrace it.


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