European Commission via Margrethe Vestager


Margrethe Vestager , counsel to interest group Margrethe Vestager .






Per the FT article at


our alliance is writing to you to say that we know Google, we have been part of Google, some of us worked at Google and others of us know the founders and financiers of Google. We know what all of Google’s plans have been and are. We know what Google’s owners intentions are and how Google’s technology really works.



We are writing to tell you that you have it wrong.



Your accusations about Google doing coordinated crimes in order to manipulate the public moods, perceptions, voting habits, buying habits and trends does not fully appreciate Google’s potential.



In fact, Google’s capabilities and plans are far worse than you imagine.



Many of us were there before Google even existed. Rajeev Motwani taught Larry Page and Sergy how to build a science project. The CIA and the Democrats “adopted” their little project and turned it into a global manipulation tool.



Google now exists for the sole purpose of the ideological interests of corrupt Silicon Valley campaign finance billionaires. Google paid for and rigged Barack Obama’s campaign. Google gets insane amounts of cash from U.S. state and federal treasury funds through a convoluted contracting payola scheme. Google exists to hide White House screw-ups and glorify those Silicon Valley financiers (Larry Page, Elon Musk, John Doerr, Steve Westly, Steve Spinner, Steve Jurvetson, Tom Steyer, etc.)



Google manipulates the information of over 4 billion humans around the world. Many of those people are too naive, or too blinded by Google’s control of information to see that they are being manipulated. The CIA, GCHQ, MI5, KGB, Mossad and other intelligence groups, will all tell you that it only takes 5 days to brainwash a human if you control all of their news and information. Google has optimized that process.



The EU is out to protect the public and, currently, the rape of Europeans, by outsiders, is pretty big news in Europe. Google is an outsider that is raping the minds of Europeans.



Google spends a hundred million dollars a day on it’s payroll. It has armies of people who can sit around and write, co-edit and rationalize the kinds of 100 page responses that you just received from Google’s attorneys. That response is full of flowery, rationalizations and reverse-logic justifications that seek to bend reality to the absurd. If Google wrote the same kind of response for Hitler it would explain that gassing the Jews was “good for them because it provided them with an optimized path to heaven via a value-added green-energy solution which used minimal electricity and provided recycling of the gold fillings in their teeth. The EU is viewing Hitler in a negative light because Google and Hitler have both used mass public deployment tools in an effective manner.”



Google’s owners and executives are deranged men who live in a self-fulfilling power bubble built from hookers, private jets, elitist privilege and and the hubris and impunity that come from the knowledge that 500 of their staff work for The White House. That White House has ordered every American law enforcement and regulatory agency to ignore Google’s crimes.



The EU should triple down on prosecuting Google. Google is a Mafia-like political organization. Americans, and world citizens, beg you to help us overcome the Google Coup D’Etat!













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