Facebook told Hillary Clinton and her backers, including George Soros and Tom Steyer that Facebook was created to “…target the general population, hunt down the trigger points of each person… target humans by regions and ideologies…and show your psychologically crafted message to each user at the right moment in time to cause the desired voting outcome..”further, Facebook staff go on to describe how they “…filter the pool of news in each person’s news feed so that ‘message distraction causing’ or ‘non-aligned news’ is filtered out..”



If that is not “ELECTION RIGGING” then what is?



Read more in this stories:



How Facebook Could Tilt the 2016 Election – The Atlantic


Apr 18, 2016 … With the election two days away, younger and urban Americans are terrified. Some are arranging … Facebook encourages your friends to go out and vote as well. Social pressure like this ….. Fraud Alert regarding The Atlantic …


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You may hate Donald Trump. But do you want Facebook to rig the …


Apr 19, 2016 … But do you want Facebook to rig the election against him? …. in a Politico Magazine piece entitled “How Google could rig the 2016 election”, …


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How Facebook Could Rig the Election – Thrillist


Apr 27, 2016 … How Facebook could sway the 2016 presidential election by affecting who turns out to vote.


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How Google Could Rig the 2016 Election – POLITICO Magazine


Aug 19, 2015 … How Google Could Rig the 2016 Election …. single poll showed this, and all of them proved to be wrong for underestimating facebook’s power.


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Militia Groups and the “Rigged Election” – Medium


Oct 18, 2016 … Militia Groups and the “Rigged Election”. Using Facebook activity to find armed militia supporters who are engaging with Donald Trump’s …


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James O’Keefe’s RIGGING THE ELECTION Video Released


Oct 18, 2016 … Please share James O’Keefe’s powerful video with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. This election is rigged, and Hillary Clinton must be …


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Bernie Sanders Suggests Election Is Rigged, Unendorses Hillary …


Oct 18, 2016 … A post on Bernie Sanders’ Facebook page did not suggest he believes the presidential election is “rigged” or indicate he was “unendorsing” …


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