The Honorable Nancy Pelosi


Speaker of the House – U.S. Senate


450 Golden Gate Ave


San Francisco, CA 94107




The Honorable Nancy Pelosi


Speaker of the House – U.S. Senate


Senate Dirksen 127


Washington DC  20510




Dec. 30, 2016




Dear Ms. Pelosi:



We have been contacting you and your office since 2009 about a political corruption matter. We documented our meetings, phone calls and certified letters to your senior staff who said they were reporting directly to you. We provided our concerns, in writing to every U.S. law enforcement and ethics body.



You now must consider your legacy and the legacy of your family. Over 10,000 new news media organizations are now tracking this matter and have over one million pages of evidence in hand. They are guaranteed to lock your legacy over this matter in the history books for the next 200 years. What you do next will determine how that legacy, your profits and any benefits fall in the deficit column.



We hope you are not one of the parties that law enforcement and forensic investigators found had spent over $30M on reprisals, vendettas and retribution actions against your own constituents, including us. As our employee, you have a legal obligation to protect us and not attack us. Is that not correct?



As a few examples of the obfuscation and obligation evasion we have experienced from your senior staff let us quote these highly documented items.



We met with Melanie Nutter who said that she reported to you on a “daily basis”. She gave us her card and stated that she was your Deputy District Director. We met with her inside your office at 450 Golden Gate Ave in San Francisco. She said that there “appeared to be some severe dysfunction in the Department of Energy”. She never responded again after numerous calls and visits. Here is her card with her forensic data on it:















We have sent you, Ms. Pelosi, many communications as your constituents. None of which you have replied to. Here are federal receipts from recent mailings to you which have remained 100% unresponsive:















We report to Mr. James Comey and David Johnson at the FBI, The investigative groups at the FTC, the SEC, The EU, the GAO, The Congressional Ethics offices and over a hundred others, but it is YOUR JOB to help us solve the problem of having attacks placed on us by your colleagues and staff using our own tax dollars to do so.


Your top staffers John Lawrence and Amy Rosenbaum said their were “no problems with the TARP, DOE ATVM or DOE LGP funds” yet the facts prove that there was felony-class payola, crony kickback operations and insider trading going on in history-making volumes. The FBI raid of Solyndra and the House Ethics reports are part of hundreds of thousands of evidence element sources that can prove forensic proof in front of the public and/or a Special Prosecutor.



Since these crimes began, tens of thousands of new news sites (examples of a few: ) have emerged which reach tens of millions of voters, add millions more daily, and guarantee to Streisand-Effect the disclosures of each and every public official who engaged in the criminal use of the TARP, ATVM and LGP funds as a criminal slush-fund into the next century.



As you are by now aware, every stock market payola holding, off-shore tax evasion account and real estate payola asset of those politicians is being crashed and turned into negative assets. This is being done using 100% legal methods WITH the help of law enforcement agencies and the Press. By the time this is over, none of the corrupt politicians and Silicon Valley Cartel members “will have a pot to piss in”, as they say. Silicon Valley is having every single company who financed the scam, and rigged the internet for political corruption, exterminated with the simple and 100% legal use of epic transparency. The media and the voting public are doing it and it is 100% legal. You see Ms. Pelosi: Crime truly does not pay!



In one of thousands of emails to you, such as this one:



“Subject: [Aid4Mail Trial tag #140] Reply from Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi


Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2008 10:19:03 -0500


From: “Rep. Nancy Pelosi” <>”




…by The Lotus Notes Development Team; you were made aware of this incident over and over by huge numbers of the voting public and ourselves yet the only action you took seems to be to launch a stone-walling effort. Did you do anything else?



YOU need to pick up the phone and call us now and tell us how YOU plan to get us our restitution for the attacks your staff and colleague engaged in against us. YOU know exactly who did what and, if you are even slightly unclear on the issues, we will be glad to meet you across the street at the FBI conference room and go over the over one million pages of devastating evidence.



When can we expect your call?













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