The Storm: How We Took Down America’s Largest Criminally Illicit Slush-Fund

The taxpayer funded TARP, DOE-ATVM and DOE-LGP funds were used, in large part, to embezzle cash for campaign financiers

Our Team shut those crimes down.

This is our story

This site documents, in a form understandable by average citizens and taxpayers, the operations of a multi-disciplinary task force missioned with the interdiction of one of the largest crimes in American history.

You may recall hearing the term “Slush-Fund” in the Nixon-Era Watergate Investigations. A Slush-Fund is an illegal method of hiding (your) taxpayer-provided government money and resources in order to covertly pay personal friends and associates. It is illegal, corrupt and damaging to a nation to operate a political Slush-Fund.

The Obama-Era Slush-Fund that was terminated was many hundreds of times larger than the Nixon Slush-Fund and, before it was fully terminated, some of the biggest crimes in U.S. history were committed in order to try to grab the cash, power and payola that it contained.

The suspects documents called for a scheme to acquire “over six trillion dollars” in profits by exploiting the U.S. Government and to do so via the “…complete control of The White House, The DNC and policy vectors..” in their own words.

Was it an attempted “Coup D’Etat” as some Senators have stated. Read the facts and decide for yourself…


Solyndra FBI Raid
Elon Musk Corruption
Afghanistan Lithium Ion Mining
Abound Failure
Fisker Failure
Tesla Motors Corruption
Dianne Feinstein Corruption
California Campaign Kick-Backs
Steven Chu Corruption
Department of Energy Corruption
TARP Corruption
Lithium Ion Explosions
Political Slush-Fund
Gawker Character Assassins
Crony Corruption
House Ethics Reports Department of Energy
GAO Reports Department of Energy
FBI Reports Department of Energy
Trey Gowdy Department of Energy Reports
Darryl Issa Department of Energy Reports
Lachlan Seward Corruption
The Cleantech Crash 60 Minutes Story
In-Q-Tel Corruption
Google Election Rigging
Facebook Election Rigging
Twitter Election Rigging
Podesta Email Leaks
HSBC Swiss Leaks





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