Is Fukushima A Secret Pay Back Plan for Hiroshima?

Is Fukushima A Secret Pay Back Plan for Hiroshima?




If it is a vendetta scheme then the Japanese could not have planned anything more inscrutable. Any High School science student knows that all the water off the coast of Japan gets caught up in an eternal swirl that ends up soaking the California Coast. The Japanese now have a huge structure pouring more than 1000 times the radiation of Hiroshima into that San Francisco-bound swirl. It is unstoppable and the worst part of it has not even fully hit California yet!


The History-Making California Disaster That Can Never

Be Covered Up: Fuku-Fornia!




While California is talking about leaving the United States, a horrific situation may require that the United States build a Chernobyl-type wall between California and the rest of America.



That wall will not be due to a political disaster but, rather, a radioactive disaster.



Realty associations, Chambers of Commerce and Jerry Brown are spending billions of dollars on PR counter-measures to say “nothing to see here” about the Fukushima radiation.



You can cover-up lots of big bad things but radiation detectors are not cheap and easy to get and California has so much Coast-line that the entire U.S. Army could not keep people away from it.



There is no possible way to stop boat owners and the general public from dipping their Cesium probes, fiber test strips and EBAY-purchased radiation detectors in the Pacific Ocean.



The tons of hyper radioactive water pouring into the Pacific Ocean in Japan has been discovered to be a thousand times more radioactive than once thought. Forget about causing Godzilla. There is enough Cesium coming off the North coast of Japan to kill Godzilla!



The water pouring out of Japan swirls around the Pacific drum and pastes itself into the sandy beaches of California and Oregon where it is sucked deep inland, like a sponge, through a process called deep soil transit.



4 parts per metric of this kind of radiation will kill you. Fukushima is pouring 600 PARTS PER METRIC, by THE TON, into the Pacific Ocean. That is a seriously bad thing.



The Silicon Valley Oligarchs tell their owned newspapers and lap dog Jerry Brown to hush up the disaster because they all own lovely coastal property investments.






Fukushima nuclear reactor radiation at highest level since 2011 …



Cranes over the Fukushima Daiichi plant in February 2016. … is far higher than the previous record of 73 sieverts an hour detected by sensors in 2012. … at this stage,” Tepco’s spokesman Tatsuhiro Yamagishi told AFP.


google news cachedproxied…%5Dion-levels-highest-since-2011-meltdown


Fukushima Report Declassified: Worse Than We Were Told


General aerial view of Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO)’s tsunami-crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Fukushima prefecture, taken by Kyodo March 11, 2015. Wednesday marks the fourth year anniversary of the March 11, 2011 earthquake and …


bing news cachedproxied…%5D-declassified-worse-than-we-were-told/


Fukushima: Worse Than a Disaster


They’re not radioactive and still much faster than rubbing two sticks together … Still, Prime Minister Abe told the Olympic selection committee that Fukushima was “under control.” “This debate has dogged him since his Sept.


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Fukushima report declassified: Worse than we were told


Another report this week revealed there are more than nine million bags of nuclear material piling up in Japan, according to the Fukushima Prefecture and the Environment Ministry. Anti-nuclear activist Dr Helen Caldicott said during the crisis that if unit …


google news bing news cachedproxied



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