“Thousands of Dead Babies Floating In Sacramento River..” if Oroville Dam Undergoes Explosive Breach

– The people who profit off the Oroville dam are also the “inspectors” of the dam. Conflict-of-interest!
– Damn rupture will pull human and animal babies into swirling wall of water filled with trees and boulders that will “treat their bodies like a giant Cuisinart!”
– Corrupt Jerry Brown executives knew of dangers yet put money into their pet solar and Tesla profiteering personal stock market investments.
– California to be $5B in debt, or more, by the end of year due to corruption and mismanagement

What if a superstorm strikes Sacramento? …

What if a superstorm strikes Sacramento? Flooding danger puts the capital at risk of a disaster worse than Sandy

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The crisis at Oroville Dam, explained – Vox

5 hours ago … The Oroville Dam in northern California is the tallest dam in the United …. now was unlikely, and the dam could handle worst-case scenarios.


Coping: With Road Rage | UrbanSurvival

ROAD RAGE! A very important topic indeed.Here is a technique I use for the classic ‘guy riding your ass scenario’ 1.DO NOT change speed up or down, DO NOT repeat …

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Oroville dam break would flood almost 200,000 California residents …

1 day ago … This animation details a worst-case scenario in Oroville, Calif.: dam failure. With 3.5 million acre feet of water held behind the dam, floodwaters …


Lessons California should learn from Oroville dam debacle | The …

1 hour ago … There are a lot of troubled dams that need attention in California. It’s time … This animation details a worst-case scenario in Oroville, Calif.: dam


What If Russia Invaded the Baltics—and …

A former NATO general imagines a frightening scenario. … I was curious how Shirreff envisioned his plot unfolding with President Trump leading the United …


Live Video Stream: Breaking News, KPIX 5 … – CBS San Francisco

KPIX 5 | CBS San FranciscoConnect With Us At KPIX 5 PROGRAM GUIDE: KPIX 5 TV Schedule WATCH: A Glimpse Inside The Working KPIX 5 Newsroom Breaking News Send news tips …


Oroville Dam evacuations: Residents near California dam system …

2 days ago … The damage prompted a mandatory evacuation for cities and counties near Lake Oroville. In the worst case scenario, one official said, an …


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