It’s Not The Rain That Will Bust Oroville Dam, it is the 176% Above Normal “Snow Melt”

Computer simulations say that there is no way to stop the snow from melting and when California’s 176% above normal snowpack begins melting it will bring more water than ever to the Oroville Dam! Even though the sky may be sunny for a month, the water will come and nothing on Earth can stop it. The lawsuits from the disaster will be in the TRILLIONS!

California Drought: Snowmelt‘s Path Shows Impact From Sierras to …

We’ve created a false sense that there is sufficient water to meet everyone’s needs,” said Theodore Grantham, a UC Davis watershed researcher who co- wrote …


How much water does California have left? …

Southern California water managers are doing such a great job that you would hardly know we are in the midst of the worst drought since record-keeping …

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10+ Feet of Snow Bury California‘s Sierra Nevada as Heavy Rain …

Jan 12, 2017 … For over a week, California was on the front lines under a siege of heavy rain that has caused widespread flooding and mudslides, while feet of …


CNRFC – Hydrology – Snow Data – California Nevada River Forecast …

California Nevada River Forecast Center (CNRFC). Snow Water Equivalent … California Department of Water Resources (CA DWR – CDEC). California Data …


Sierra snowmelt peaking earlier |

May 12, 2016 … Sierra snowpack is melting earlier in the season according to the California Department of Water Resources.


Snowmelt – The Water Cycle, from USGS Water-Science School

Dec 15, 2016 … The Water Cycle: Snowmelt runoff, from from the USGS Water … River at North Fork Dam in California (USGS real-time streamflow data).


Snowmelt Discharge Characteristics Sierra Nevada, California – USGS

Dec 1, 2016 … Alpine snow is an important water resource in California and the western U.S. Three major features of alpine snowmelt are the spring pulse (the …



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